Hello, Welcome to Bnails salon

Are you searching for the best nail salon to have your manicure and pedicure groomed well and attractive by trusted experts?

Of course, in a gorgeous city like Hereford(Texas), a well reputed nail salon needs to be there which not only provides the value , the customer demands but also the quality and cleanliness should overlap each other.

Not only in sterility, Bnails salon is well-known for its high-end hygiene environment and customer satisfaction.

We here at Bnails salon, provides high level and standard services to our respected customers including acrylic nails, shellac nails, dip nails and wax.

Besides theses, don’t hesitate to try the spectacular and magnificent look we are ready to give you by beautifying the manicure and pedicure.

With the facility of Sunday Open, we have given the best favor in respect to time frame for our customers. If you are busy on other days, then Sunday is for you.

Tired of googling “nail salon near me”, “spa near me”, “best nail salon near me” on Internet? Now , you don’t need to spend couple of minutes digging in the Internet for a salon that best fit your needs.

We warmly welcome you to visit our salon and surely , this will not be your last visit. Moreover, We provide a 2-week GUARANTEE on all of  Bnails salon services.


Bnails Team

Although we have a clean,  modern and hygiene environment but what makes us truly valuable and preferable in the eyes of our customers is our staff. We have highly trained technicians who knows well about their work and truly care about your expectations and requirements.

Not only in skill set, but our staff is highly trained in terms of communication and quality of services. No matter if the service required is the cheapest or the most expensive, you will get the same protocol and respect from our respected staff.

We gratefully thanks them for being part of BNails salon and being a part of Spa team. !


Bnails Goal

Here at Bnails salon, we strive for excellence, quality services and comfortable environment. We pay close attention on customer satisfaction and to us, satisfying the customer has more priority than anything else.

From manicure and pedicure to acrylic nails, shellac nails, dip nails and wax, we provide the most affordable and reliable service in town at just a phone call away. In order to manage your busy schedule we are also facilitating our customers by keeping the salon open on sundays.

With a staff  having high end expertise and a strong management focused on quality and customer value, we are moving rapidly towards our mission of excellence and no, we are not alone – there are many happy customers we have with us and we are struggling hard to make relationships with our new customers too.

So when are you visiting us? We are waiting for you with warm greetings.


Nail Salons Hour

Monday : 12:00 – 7:30

Tuesday- Saturday : 9:30 – 7:30

Sunday : 10:00 – 4:00


Contact Us

Bnails Salon

519 N 25 Mile Ave, Hereford, Tx, 79045

(806). 346.6025


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